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Madelyn Byrum Memorial Scholarship Fund

Madelyn Byrum

    In 2016, CUSA lost one of its’ toughest, fiercest competitors on the field, who also was amongst its’ kindest, sweetest and friendly members off the field. 

    Madelyn Byrum began playing soccer with CUSA at age nine, coached by her Dad Matthew, Randy Copeland and Phil Smith.  She was one of the founding members of one of the Club’s first all girl “Lady Lightning” teams.  When her next coach PJ Johansen first saw her hit the field, he thought, “now there goes one tough soccer player.“  That first team was often undersized, as it played up against older girls.  However, what they lacked in size, they made up for in heart, determination, speed and sheer will. Madelyn was the manifestation of that team spirit, and a leader on and off the field.  If one of the smaller girls was run over or beaten on a play, Madelyn was the first player to take up the slack, or take up for her teammate.  As she got older, she matriculated to the older teams, and Scott Truesdale was lucky to have her when he put together a U13 co-ed team. Madelyn was one of only four girls on that team, but was also amongst that team’s fiercest competitors, boy or girl. Scott mentioned her heart first and foremost, and that she never gave up and never gave in.  Madelyn moved on to play with another Club that offered all girl play as she got older, but CUSA was blessed with her return in 2016 when she agreed to play with Robin Kane’s newly formed U16 girls team in the Spring of 2016, rejoining Jessica, Madelyn, Ellie, Olivia, Morgan, Anna, Libby and Mallory from PJ’s old team. The girls were thrilled to have her back, not to mention Coach Kane.   To a girl, however, what her teammates were most excited about was the renewal of their friendship and camaraderie with their teammate

Madelyn.  Whether it was through a text message, a shout out on social media, a kind word, or simply her beautiful smile, Madelyn was a true friend to each and every girl she played with, touching the lives of each player.    When Madelyn was suddenly taken from this earth, it sent shockwaves through our community, and left a void in the Carolina United Soccer Association.

    However, through the generosity of Madelyn’s parents, Carrie and Matthew Byrum, Madelyn’s memory will forever remain a part of the Club.   The Byrums have graciously agreed to allow Madelyn’s name and memory to be associated with CUSA’s Scholarship Fund. The Fund is need based, and available for those who otherwise might not be able to afford the cost of travel soccer.  Carrie and Matthew share CUSA’s belief that every child should have the opportunity to play Madelyn’s favorite sport, and have also made a generous gift to the fund.  

    If your child is interested in applying for a Madelyn Byrum Scholarship, the applications are available on the website.  The application and the information included therein will be kept confidential by CUSA’s Board of Directors, and destroyed once you are notified of the Board’s determination.

    If you are interested in giving to the Madelyn Byrum Scholarship fund, please contact CUSA.

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